We want to make sure you kick off your career with BHHS Florida Properties Group on the right foot!

Here is this week's Berkshire Hathaway University Quick Start Checklist. Please make sure to complete all items before next week.

Your To Do List:

Send out a minimum of 20 announcement cards to your Sphere of Influence announcing your affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway Florida Properties Group.
See your Market President or office admin for the announcement cards, postage and what to write if needed.
You should now have a solid Foundation of knowledge about the real estate market, the contracts and forms, the buying and selling process, how to win business, the daily activities that will lead to success and all the technology that BHHS has for you to help grow your business. 

To complete your training, schedule BHU #9, a Business Plan session with Erik Kaukonen through the company calendar. Real estate business plans provide a roadmap for you to achieve your goals. The business plan will include specific strategies for generating leads, marketing properties, and closing deals. It will also outline your budget and target income. 

Register below:


Create a 6 month education plan for yourself. Determine your strengths and weaknesses and commit to working on those. Share this plan with your Market President and continue the learning process. It doesn’t end here!For help, don’t forget to check the agent help site on Cabernet Corner for more training videos and reference guides. Go here to connect: https://bhhsflpg.freshdesk.com/support/home

Also, remember that we have the LearnCenter from BHHS national on the BHHS Resource Center that is free to access and has daily webinars that you can attend to sharpen your skills.
Continue to make 5 new contacts for your Sphere of Influence per week. Add them to your database.Remember to track your activity! 
Continue calling and using your script to your Sphere of Influence. Once you get through everyone, it will be time to start back at the beginning of your list. Continue calling to check up, perform your real estate reviews, or meet for lunch. Personally call everyone in your SOI at least 4 times per year.

Go back to your Sphere of Influence and resend a request message for a "Character Reference". If you are a newer agent type of testimonial will enhance your credibility on your website. You may also create a post in MADI to promote this feedback on social media.

Continue to follow your daily schedule and focus on the lead generating activities FIRST!
Finish reading Ninja Selling and continue performing the 9 daily activities (Ninja Nine).

Nine Habits for Success

  1. Daily Gratitudes
  2. Show up!
    Stop opening my email first. Resist the addiction! Instead, do one hour of productive work first. Work “On” my business in the morning. Work “In” my business in the afternoon.
  3. Write two personal thank you notes.
  4. Focus on my Hot List daily.
    “Who can I write a contract with this week?”
  5. Focus on my Warm List daily- work to convert this to your hot list!
  6. Focus on my Customer Service Calls weekly.
  7. Schedule two Real Estate Reviews this week.
  8. Schedule 50 live contacts this week.
  9. Update my database for property matches (weekly)

Get rid of bad habits and time wasters!  Work on your mindset!  Success is a habit!


Celebrate your success! Reward yourself! Have fun! Push your limits! 

The only goals you can’t achieve are those you won’t reach for!

Thank you and Congratulations for completing Foundations for Success!