We want to make sure you kick off your career with BHHS Florida Properties Group on the right foot!

Here is this week's Berkshire Hathaway University Quick Start Checklist. Please make sure to complete all items before next week.

Your To Do List:

Commit to learning and practicing your “What Makes Me Different” elevator speech about you and your company. Define your "Secret Sauce" and how you can apply it to your business.See your handout from Week Two Foundation for Success. Practice with your spouse, your manager, other agents, your dog/cat, in the mirror and on your drive home!  Be ready to try it out with your customers!
Make 3 new contacts for your Sphere of Influence (1 per day- Thursday, Friday and Monday)For Sphere of Influence Scripts see your Foundations for Success Handout from Week One or download them from HERE.
Utilize the 8 x 8 Farming Campaign to build a relationship with a neighborhood. See your manager to choose an area.

Click the link below to review the campaign.

https://bhhsflpg.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/4300 0615farming-a-neighborhood

Read the 40 Common Real Estate Objections (Mike Ferry) and familiarize yourself with the tough questions you may get from customers. We have attached the file below, please download it.This is a handout from Week 2 Foundation for Success or download it from HERE.
Review the FSBO and Expired Listing Scripts and layout a plan to aggressively go after all expired listings and FSBO in your farm area. We have attached them below, or download them HERE.
Continue reading Ninja Selling and implement three more of the 9 daily activities (Ninja Nine).Also, your Market President can assist in helping to identify and locate your farm area.

Nine Habits for Success

  1. Daily Gratitudes
  2. Show up! Stop opening my email first. Resist the addiction! Instead, do one hour of productive work first. Work “On” my business in the morning. Work “In” my business in the afternoon.
  3. Write two personal thank you notes.
  4. Focus on my Hot List daily. “Who can I write a contract with this week?”
  5. Focus on my Warm List daily- work to convert this to your hot list!
  6. Focus on my Customer Service Calls weekly.
  7. Schedule two Real Estate Reviews this week.
  8. Schedule 50 live contacts this week.
  9. Update my database for property matches (weekly)


1. Review Deal Processing and Compliance with your Office Administrator. 

2. Practice FSBO and Expired Scripts

3. Prepare your "Ready to Go" Kits for meeting potential Buyers and Sellers

Finally, set a realistic work schedule that includes all the daily activities that will LEAD TO BUSINESS!

The Platinum Rule:  

"Do unto others as they would have you do unto them, not as you would have them do unto you."