We want to make sure you kick off your career with BHHS Florida Properties Group on the right foot!

Here is this week's Berkshire Hathaway University Quick Start Checklist. Please make sure to complete all items before next week.

Your To-Do List:

Begin to create a database of your personal contacts and sphere of influence.  The database needs to be complied into Microsoft Excel (or other online system) so it can easily be imported into BHHSConnect (kvCORE) or add one contact at a time. We have attached a sample import spreadsheet for you below in order to get started easily, please download it.Log into BHHS Resource Center, then to kvCore to add your contacts. Have an excel spread sheet ready with name, phone number and email address. Remember your new contacts will automatically receive the Ninja Flow Campaign.

Sample spreadsheet for kvCore Contacts/lead import template

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dpu7XytPaKljG75fPk- P9F2zUv4XYs0Fsw4sYSCJ_jM/

Make 3 new contacts for your Sphere of Influence (1 per day- Thursday, Friday and Monday)Reference the Foundations for Success Handout from SOI Scripts of Week One or download them from the link below:


Be sure to take notes during your conversation for future reference.

Review the Open House Blueprint, kvCore Open House App, 10-10-20 Prospecting Blueprints and more.You can see all the blueprints for prospecting here
Create a text message to send to your SOI through Testimonial Tree. Collect a 'Character Reference' from your friends and family.

Whether you are new to real estate or enhancing

your business with a testimonial from your

Sphere of Influence will help you build credibility.

Encourage clients to trust and believe in you.

Sample Message:

Dear Friends and Family, I have a favor to ask of you. As a new agent in Real Estate I would love to add to my real estate page of testimonials. No one knows me better than the people I have in my circle. So, I’m reaching out to ask you for a testimonial of my character. I’ve put together a few questions as thought starters to get your juices flowing.

How would you describe my character, values, strengths, and abilities? Could you share an experience or feeling you’ve had where I’ve helped with something you needed? I appreciate any input you are willing to share and with your permission, I will post your message to my website. No pressure, no rush, no

deadline. Thank you!

Begin reading Ninja Selling and implement at least three of the 9 daily activities (Ninja Nine).Ninja Selling Books were provided to you on day one of class.


Nine Habits for Success

  1. Daily Gratitudes
  2. Show up!
    Stop opening my email first. Resist the addiction! Instead, do one hour of productive work first. Work “On” my business in the morning. Work “In” my business in the afternoon.
  3. Write two personal thank you notes.
  4. Focus on my Hot List daily.
    “Who can I write a contract with this week?”
  5. Focus on my Warm List daily- work to convert this to your hot list!
  6. Focus on my Customer Service Calls weekly.
  7. Schedule two Real Estate Reviews this week.
  8. Schedule 50 live contacts this week.
  9. Update my database for property matches (weekly)


What is your secret sauce? Your ability to do something unique that makes your new businessspecial. Specifically, something that will give you a competitive advantage. Do you have past investment experience, do you own and manage properties? Do you take professional photos? How can you blend your specialty with your real estate business?

Think about "What Makes You Different" from other agents in the market. How would you present yourself to a potential client? Your elevator pitch should be a brief (think 30seconds!) way of introducing yourself, getting across a key point or two about your service, andenough tomake a connection with someone.

The Law of Prosperity: 

My financial success will be equal to the quality and quantity of SERVICE that I render to others!