Hi … thanks again for having me over … I’m excited about getting your home on the market … and getting it sold …

Do you mind if I take a quick look at your home?

I wrote down three … real important questions for you …

  1. Do you absolutely have to sell your home? ( ) Fantastic!
  2. Will you price your home to sell or do you want to keep it on the market for a long period of time? ( ) Great!
  3. Do you … want me … to handle the sale for you? ( ) Excellent!

All we need to do now is simply … sign the contract … so I can help you get what you want … in the time you want … won’t that be great?

Only close for the signature at the end of the One-Minute Presentation when you have qualified and know the following:

  1. They know you.
  2. They want to hire you.
  3. They will list at your price.

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