Capstone Title is excited to announce and launch CapstoneAgent ONE, an app which will help you calculate Buyers Estimates and Sellers Net Sheets!

How will it benefit you? 

  1. Convenient – Available on your mobile phone! (Apple & Android) 24/7 access to Buyer Estimates, Sellers Net sheets, marketing tools, and more.
  2. Easy to use – It’s simple! Plug in sales price, loan balance, etc. and the rest will populate (preloaded with local country specific title rates, closing costs, and city specific property rates) You can even enter an address for even better calculations, change information on the fly and send to your clients via text or email - all from the app.
  3. Over twenty different calculators – Need more than just a net sheet? There are several different calculators that are available for your use. Seller to Net, Rent vs Buy, Monthly Affordability, Buydown Calculator… just to name a few!
  4. Marketing – Not only do you have access to the calculators there are infographics, real estate filters, personalized videos available to use and branded to YOU to share to all your social media sites.

How do you get it? 

The app can be downloaded from the App Store on your mobile device! 

Apple's App Store
Download It Here
Google's Android App Store
Download It Here

Do we get the Premium Features in the app? 

You have the option to personally upgrade the app to allow access to the Premium features. However, it is NOT necessary and you can recreate most of those options in systems we're already offering through MADI and SOCI in BHHS REsource Center. 

How can it be used?

This app can be utilized for both Buyers and Sellers! Here's some details...

For Buyers
For Sellers

Download a pdf version of this flyer below

Download a pdf version of this flyer below

How do I learn how to use the app? 

There are some great video tutorials available, produced by the team at Palm Agent!

Watch the tutorials here: