MADI vs ACE - Which should I use?

Great question as both are super useful tools in your marketing toolbox! 

First up, ACE - your Automated Creative Expert.  

ACE is your go-to guy for all things automated. He is powered by Moxi Impress. For each listing you take, ACE creates and emails you a marketing package for that listing which includes your just listed postcard, social media graphics, flyer, single property website, e-postcard, and video. He does this for each stage of the listing too, including open house, price reduced and sold. 

Bottom line: ACE is AUTOMATED via your LISTINGS and you have the opportunity to edit if needed. 

Next up, MADI - your Marketing and Design Inspiration.

MADI is your go-to gal for all things marketing and design related! She is powered by MAXA Designs. MADI offers hundreds of customizable designs to support your marketing efforts, whether it’s personal branding, listing promotion, social media, digital or printed collateral! 

Bottom line: MADI has TEMPLATED DESIGNS available for you to use and customize. It is MLS enabled but not automated. 

You can download this handy dandy sheet to remind you of the difference between the two!