Ryan Thompson takes a deep dive on how to utilize your Real Estate Reviews! 


The example below is Ryan's template he uses and is available for download. 


Here is a template with some tips we have created for you to use and is available for download. 

As Ryan described, this front page you will want to make this suitable to the specific house or neighborhood you are sending this to! Make sure the second page is specific to the homeowner you are sending this to. Make it personal so they know this is specific to them. 
The 3rd page is used as you please. Ryan used this to have 4 graphs to show stats on Average Days on the Market, Average Sales Price, Months of Inventory, & Sales Volume. Feel free to pull other data you want to show the homeowner! This last page is good to list all the Homes for Sale and the Sold Homes around them. You can include a snap shot list that includes the address, square footage, sale price, etc to give the homeowners an idea of the market in hopes they want a home valuation!