What is Ninja Flow? 

A series of emails designed to stay top of mind with your sphere of influence, aligned with Ninja Selling techniques. This Smart Campaign is in kvCORE and is scheduled to send on specific calendar dates and written in a style that encourages contacts to respond to your message.

How do I enable the Smart Campaign for my Smart CRM? 

Through a hashtag! We have set up a campaign that automatically adds the NinjaFlow hashtag to new contacts as they’re added to your Smart CRM, enabling Ninja Flow emails to be sent.

Am I able to see the email content prior to it being sent out? 

Yes! You can access the Smart Campaign by going to Marketing > Smart Campaigns in your kvCORE dashboard. 

What if I don't want Ninja Flow to be sent to my database? 

If Ninja Flow isn't your jam, that's fine. You have the option to disable the campaign all together OR disable it on a per contact basis. You will need to disable both the NinjaFlow Hashtag Campaign AND the NinjaFlow Campaign.