Our postcard program has moved to RealMailers!

The RealMailers system will be responsible for creating all postcard artwork AND completing the mailings as well.

BONUS: This new vendor relationship also means that your postcards will hit local mailboxes more quickly since they’ll now be coming from a distribution center in the Southeast rather than the Pacific Northwest!

When Will Postcards Be Created?

Postcards will continue to be created for Just Listed, Price Reductions, Open Houses, and Solds by RealMailers just like they have in the past with ACE.

Will Just Listed Postcards Still Be Automatically Sent?

Yes! Although postcards will automatically be created for all listing-related events, Just Listed postcards will continue to be the only ones that we send automatically.

The 48-hour window to edit your order before it's sent will still apply, exactly like the previous system, and the company-paid portion remains 50 cards.

Can I Edit A Just Listed order?

You’ll have the ability to edit, cancel, or pause any Just Listed orders as long as it's done within the first 48 hours after it hits the MLS. This includes editing postcard designs, increasing order quantities, and selecting mailing lists other than the default.

How will I be notified?

You'll receive an email notifying you that a new postcard is available at the email address which is listed in the MLS. Click the button in the email and it will automatically log you into your account!

Where is the property data coming from?

RealMailers is receiving property data feeds directly from our 3 MLSs.

Where is the agent information coming from?

During the first phase of this release, your agent information is being fed directly from the MLS. Your name, photo, contact information, and office address will be listed on your postcards as its listed in the MLS.

In a future phase, we'll be syncing that information from your KvCORE profile and matching your listings to your account based on your MLS ID.