Please note - In order to add a seller’s email to a campaign, the ad campaign needs to be ACTIVELY RUNNING. 

Step #1 - Access CHALK Digital from the main REsource Center dashboard.


Step #2 - Click to access the Automated Listing Program


Step # 3 - Find the campaign you'd like to edit, and make sure its current status is active. Seller email addresses cannot be added to expired or completed campaigns. Click to edit the campaign.

Step #4 -There are four steps when editing a campaign in CHALK Digital's system. Adding the seller's email address is done in the fourth step, 'Enter website'. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Next' until you reach the last step.

Step #5 - Enter the seller's name and email address in the provided field and click 'Add Seller' to save the change. Click 'Next' to finalize the changes to your ad.