Below is an 8x8 strategy to target Absentee Owners in order to win more listings! You will send 8 pieces over 8 weeks. Your first 8 pieces should look personalized to that homeowner and focus on the value you bring. 

First things first, you'll need to find the properties with Absentee Owners. 

Your tools to use: 

  1. MLS (see step-by-step directions here) or Remine (Remine is for Stellar users only, see step-by-step directions below) 
  2. - you will use this to find phone numbers if not available in your export

How to find Absentee Owners Using Remine

Step 1: Log into Stellar MLS-Click REMINE

Step 2: Click Search on the Left Hand Side of the Screen

Step 3: ZOOM and Draw polygon around the Neighborhood

Step 4: Click Add Filter, Click the Blue Pin next to Status

Step 5: Click Status > Drop Box opens, Click Off Market

Step 6: Click Absentee > Drop Box opens, Click In State and Out of State

Step 7: Right Side of the Screen > Click Select All, Then Click CART in the Top Right

Step 8: Name Your Cart, then Click Blue Bar to add those properties to your cart

Step 9: Click CART > Then Click on the Name of the Cart you Created, Check the Top Box to Select All then Click Export

Step 10: Name Your File > Choose Your Columns > Export

Step 11: Takes a Couple of Mins for results to Download, A Pop Up will appear at the top of the page. Click Download. Now you have your Saved List you will perform your 8X8 campaign to.

TIP: You will Need to Clean up the Excel Spreadsheet to make it easier to read

Second step, organize your data

You'll want to organize your data onto a spreadsheet to track your efforts. The data should include: 

  1. Address
  2. Owner name
  3. Phone number 
  4. Neighborhood
  5. Estimated price/price range
  6. Weeks 1-8 

You can download an excel sheet put together at the bottom of this article. 

Step three, begin your 8x8 campaign following the weekly activities below.

Week 1: Send an Introductory Letter
Letterhead is in MADI!
Branded letterhead options are available to edit and print in MADI. Go directly to the options here
Sample content to copy and paste into the letterhead:

Insert Owner Name, it seems that you are the owner aka head honcho, el jefe, and lord of the land at [insert property address here]. I’d love to get a face-to-face or phone-to-phone meeting with you regarding recent changes to all things real estate related, including but not limited to property values, active inventory shifts, and more. In fact, I’ve put together a detailed Report that shows all these data points.

I’m here to help you with everything and anything real estate related. The only way I cannot be of use to you is if you don’t own property. I have a team of experts who can offer anything from mortgages to refinancing to title services to property management and residential sales.

All I ask is that you test me in a way where I’ll either rock your socks off or run quietly into the night. Throw me a curveball, let me show you how you can maximize your investments and help you achieve your real estate goals.

If you’re not in the mood to connect with a trusted advisor that’s willing to work for you, let me know and I’ll mark that in my notes.

Give me what you got, and we can have a quick 15-minute conversation (or longer if you’d like it to be). You’ll see both my phone number and email address below. Give me a buzz or send me a message.

Week 2: Send a handwritten card
Send a hand-written card to follow-up on the letter from last week.

BHHS branded notecards are available to purchase on Xpressdocs or you can go to the store and purchase your own.

Sample content: 

Hi There Owner Name!

I wanted to pop into your mailbox to introduce myself. My passion is Real Estate and wanted you to know if there are any questions you have or advice you need, I'm just a call or text away and would be happy to help!

Week 3: Mailed Real Estate Review
Prepare a real estate review for each property to mail to the property owner. 
  • You’ll need to use MLS to do some research on the property and surrounding market activity. 
  • The data you'll include in the Real Estate Review is: 
    • Average Days on the Market
    • Average Sales Price
    • Sales Volume
    • Current ‘Months of Inventory’
    • Active (unsold) Listings
    • Sold listings
  • Once you have the data collected, you’ll use the Real Estate Review template in MADI to create the document for the homeowner.
  • Upon completion, download a PDF of the report, print it out and mail it to the owner.
  • See the video here of Ryan Thompson sharing how he created a Real Estate Review for a community
  • Need additional help pulling data from MLS? Sign up for a Technology Day or chat with your Market President!

Week 4: Phone Call
Script: Hi [owner name]! This is [agent name] from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Properties Group. I wanted to follow up on the real estate review I mailed to you last week. Are there any questions you have? 


If you don’t have their phone number, mail a letter or email the letter 

Hey there [contact name]! 

Remember that letter I sent you a the other week? Well, I'm hoping we can catch up about your property at 123 Main St. I'm a local agent, so I know this market and can assist you in finding out the approximate equity in your home. And guess what? Our local market changes have actually increased your property's value! Since 2020, the average sales price in Tampa Bay has gone up a whopping 26%. So if you've been considering liquidating your real estate investment, now might just be the perfect time. Let me know if you want a detailed analysis of your property's value - I'd be happy to help!

Week 5: Resume with Letter
Show them the value of working with you. Use the Resume design template in MADI to list out your experience and accolades.

Link to resume template in MADI

Include a letter using the letterhead template in MADI

If you’re wanting to sell, but not sure I’m the right person for the job… I wanted to provide you with my real estate resume so you can see I’m serious about the industry and the opportunity to work with you. 

Week 6: Text message or email
Script: Hello [owner name]! This is [agent name] with BHHS Florida Properties Group. I wanted to share with you a super cool tool that provides you with an instant home value! It’s completely free and there’s literally no strings attached. All you do is type in your home’s address and boom, three values will appear! Here’s the link [insert your link here]. Let me know if you like what you see!

Need help with sharing your AVM link? See the help site article here. 
Week 7: CORE Present Buyer's Presentation mailed with letter
Print off a CORE Present Buyer's Presentation (4-page CMA) for each house within your absentee owner list and put them in a hand-addressed envelope to each home.

Include a printed letter or handwritten notecard with each REPORT!

I know I sent you a real estate review about a month ago. There may have been some changes, so I wanted to send you some updated information with this Buyer Market Analysis. Let’s chat soon! 


All the Best,


Week 8 : Email with Call to Action (CTA)  
Email script: 


Do you want to be in the know when it comes to the real estate market around your home? As a homeowner, it's important to keep tabs on what's happening.

I'm a real estate agent and I have a plethora of tools that can bring value to you on a monthly basis. You can sign up for your own monthly newsletter that will inform you on the current marketplace around your home and it's value. That way, you'll always be ahead of the curve! 

Reply YES to this email and I can get you signed up, right away!



What next?  
After completing the 8x8 campaign listed above...

Pick one of the activities below to do each quarter. Make sure to do a combination of the below activities so you’re not doing the same thing each time.

  • Printed or emailed newsletter
  • Market statistics in email or letter
  • New on the market in the neighborhood in an email or letter
  • Just Listed/Sold postcards to show you are an active agent 
  • Call to “touch base" (Use Remine in MLS to find their numbers)
  • Hand-written notecard
  • CMA in an email or mailed