When it comes to real estate prospecting, treat your potential customers like an ATM! Keep making deposits in the form of providing value for them and you’ll soon start seeing incredible ‘withdrawals’ - or leads. It’s one smart way to make sure that success is yours every time!

Here is a list of potential items of value: 

  1. Market Report of property (through your kvCORE account)
  2. CMA of property (through CORE Present)
  3. When A Home Doesn’t Sell - 4 Page Brochure (Marketing Resource) 
  4. Discover the Difference Between Selling and Having Your Home Professionally Marketed and Networked - 4 Page Brochure (Marketing Resource) 
  5. 10 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Real Estate Agent - 4-Page Brochure (Marketing Resource) 
  6. Forever Agent, Home Services Directory – 4-Page Brochure (Marketing Resource) 

A downloadable version of this system is available at the bottom of this page! 



Touch 4: Pop-By 

  • You will purchase a small item and clear plastic door hanging bags (Amazon) and create pop-by tags!
  • Download the design of your choice below, print on heavier card stock, and then cut them out! Attach your business card to the tag, and then attach your tag to the small items you've purchased.
  • When you're done, drop them off at each of your Expired Listing doors!

Option 1

Item- Bag of Popcorn

Tag- This may sound Corny… But I wanted to POP in and say hello!

Download This File

Option 2

Item- Goldfish box

Tag- I’m fishing for your referrals- Let’s catch up!

Download This File

Option 3

Item- Local Honey

Tag- “The spring market is buzzing, I'd love for your home to bee my next listing!”

Download This File

Option 4

Item- Local Jam/Jelly

Tag- Real Estate is my jam and I’d love to connect with you!

Download This File