Pawfect Home Sweepstakes

A house should feel like home for the entire family, including our four-legged friends. That’s why Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices created The Pawfect Home Sweepstakes. You're able to invite your sphere of influence and client base to enter for the chance to win a custom-built, pet-sized replica of their own home! After all, don’t pets deserve a dream home, too?

What is it?

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices created this public-facing sweepstakes where 3 lucky winners will receive a custom made pet home with an estimated U.S. value of $5,000 each. The sweepstakes is running from April 11 - June 6, and entries are limited to one per person per day.

How does it work?

People who want to participate can submit one entry per day on the sweepstakes website (see link below)

What to do

Share this sweepstakes with your sphere! On social media, send an email to your contacts through Marketing REsource. Have the supplied door hanger design printed and deliver to homes in your farming areas. Have the postcards printed and mailed to your sphere lists. Print the sweepstakes flyer design and mail to your sphere or farming area!

What NOT to do

Please do not create any marketing materials (graphics, emails, etc) on your own. Because this is an official sweepstakes, it's governed by certain rules and regulations. Any custom materials MUST BE APPROVED by both the sweepstakes company and BHHS. Please only use the graphics and marketing pieces made available to you in BHHS REsource Center.

Sweepstakes Entry Link:

This is the public-facing link which you'll use in your Facebook posts, etc, where people will enter for a chance to win

Where do I get marketing materials to help me promote the sweepstakes?

Login to BHHS ReSource Center and click on Marketing Resource. There are social posts, cover photos, videos, emails, doorhangers, flyers and MORE! Once you're in Marketing REsource, search for "pawfect". Screenshots below!