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A Commercial Investment Property Package is:

• A written summary of the pertinent facts about a property.

• A statement about the professionalism, credibility and expertise of you and your company.

• A reflection of the quality of real estate being offered.

A Commercial Investment Property Package is not:

• A place for brokers/agents to show how much they know about real estate.

• A mass mailing piece

• Intended to be a novel

Benefits of a “good” Property Package:

• Increases the professionalism of you and your firm.

• Increases your knowledge about the property.

• Boosts your confidence level.

• Enhances your competitive edge, thereby increasing the opportunities of your property being sold.

A suggested format is detailed on the following pages. Keep in mind; it is best to have a digital brochure

available as it is the acceptable practice today. Sending via e-mail will save you time, money and allow you to

reach more potential investors quickly.