Mission Elevate

Utilize these 26 tips to elevate the customer experience with any and every customer you serve! 

  1. BUYER | Send a postcard to the 50 houses surrounding your buyer’s new house (with their permission) to introduce your new homeowners to their new neighbors. What a fun way to welcome them to a neighborhood! 

  2. SELLER | Hold a Seller Walk-through one week before closing to remind them of their responsibilities as a seller. Good time to review things that should stay with the home. 

  3. SELLER | Remind sellers the day before inspection that an inspector’s job is to find things wrong with the home. As good practice, sellers should consider repairing items that are not cosmetic. 

  4. SELLER | Instead of taking the listing presentation with you to your appointment, consider putting it in a nice bag with tissue and dropping it off the day before. 

  5. SELLER | Either before or after your listing presentation send the adwerx video in an email to remind them one of the ways you’ll market their home. 

  6. SELLER | Choosing a listing agent is a big deal and you should make the sellers feel that way. Drop off cookies, a balloon, a bouquet, edible arrangements, etc. telling them how excited you are for the partnership. 

  7. SELLER | First showing: having to vacate your house for hours on end is no fun for anyone. Shoot a text or send an email with 3 things your seller can do to keep themselves occupied while away from home. 

  8. SELLER | Contract time: It’s the moment your sellers have been waiting for, their home is officially under contract. Celebrate with them by dropping off a bottle of champagne or at bare minimum show that you understand the emotion they are going through selling their home. 

  9. SELLER | The day before appraisal may bring some nerves for your seller. Remind them they hired you for a reason. Spend the time to have a 10 minute conversation to discuss best case and worst case scenarios to show what the future might hold. 

  10. SELLER | On closing day, the worst thing you can do is leave a seller waiting to see if a buyer has signed and their transaction is funded. Make sure to stay in constant communication with your seller so they aren’t playing a guessing game and they feel you are a master communicator! {Hint: brand promises #1}

  11. SELLER | The day after closing, use the thank you for letting me help with your journey card and write a personal note saying you are happy you were the one they chose to be a part of their journey. Stick it in the mail with a good ole fashioned stamp and they’ll get it in a few days! 

  12. BUYER | Setting the stage so a buyer knows what to expect has never been more critical. Make sure you spend time to truly consult a buyer before they’re ready to enter the market. You should cover things like: how many offers they should expect to make, list price to sale price ratio, common appraisal issues, cash needed in the current market, etc. 

  13. BUYER | Set your buyers up for success! Make sure they have a pre-approval. Set them up with Preferred Lending Services or your preferred mortgage lender.  

  14. BUYER | The moment your buyer has waited for is here, their offer has been accepted! Send an Edible Arrangements telling them congratulations on finding the place to call home. 

  15. BUYER | Inspections are nerve-racking. The day before inspection hold a 30-minute consultation to cover the CYA items inspectors put on the inspection report or any items you expect to see so a buyer isn’t shocked when they see them happen. 

  16. BUYER | The day of inspections, bring refreshments including a bag of popcorn to share with your buyers. To not only prove the microwave works, but keep them from getting hangry during inspections. 

  17. BUYER | Appraisal has finally come back. Take 15 minutes to review the appraisal with your buyers so they understand what comps were used and the overall gist of what the appraisal says. 

  18. BUYER | Final walkthrough is the final touchpoint you have to make a good impression before closing. Don’t just make it about walking through the house, but make it a touch point on how the buyers are feeling before closing. Get a photo in front of the house that you can use to make a “home sweet home” image for your buyers. 

  19. BUYER | Closing day is here! Nervous excitement, butterflies and hand cramps await. Send your buyers a text message GIF first thing in the morning about how excited you are that today is their closing day. 

  20. GENERAL | Once a year offer to send anybody in your database your Preferred Lending Services or preferred mortgage lender’s information for a free refinance mortgage consultation. We don’t want anyone in our sphere overpaying for their home! 

  21. GENERAL | It would be devastating if someone in our sphere was underinsured in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster. Take the time to remind your sphere that with rising prices that their dwelling and personal goods are insured at a rate that they can be replaced if something unfortunate happens. 

  22. GENERAL | We have a maintenance hotline! Did you know that your sphere can use that number to get recommendations on vendors? The phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Or if you have your own vendors {building that ecosystem} share it with your sphere, making you the go-to for any of their housing needs! 

  23. HOMEOWNER | Do one live real estate review annually with each homeowner in your sphere of influence. Our help site article gives you all the information that should be included. Remember to make it personable and memorable! 

  24. GENERAL | Pick one day per week and time block a section of time to call any active buyers and sellers you are currently working with just to give them an update. If you don’t have anything to tell them, remind them that communicating is important to you and you wanted to check and see if they needed anything from you. 

  25. SELLER | A seller anxiously waits for feedback after each showing. Make it a point to call the seller before the sun sets even if you don’t have feedback to let them know you’re working on it. It shows them they matter. Even better, leave the showing feedback sheet in the house for the buyer to complete while they are there.

  26. GENERAL | Using a checklist means every buyer and seller gets the same service no matter what. We have a buyer and seller checklist that helps you elevate your service.