Growing your influence within your client base is one of your most important jobs in real estate. And building a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem where your customers choose to retain your services throughout their lifelong journey in home ownership, is the pinnacle of real estate success. A healthy base of professional service providers within your ecosystem will fuel your business with consistent and varied opportunities to serve your client base. The nature of your ecosystem is that it should be a place where you are identifying and facilitating the fulfillment of your closed clients’ homeownership needs as they traverse the lifecycle of owning their home. By fulfilling your customers’ needs throughout this homeownership lifecycle you will close the loyalty gap and retain their future business.

Here are some quick tips on how to build your ecosystem: 
  • Create a list of existing relationships with service providers 
  • Two categories of real estate 
    • Direct business - mortgage, title, termite, insurance, etc. 
    • Extension - moving and packing, home remodeling, landscaping, pool services, home designers, jeweler, caterer, groomer, etc. 
  • To grow your ecosystem, join local networking groups, chamber of commerce, ask your current connections if they're a part of a networking group 
  • Partner with small businesses and places you love in the community. This is a no-brainer because they know you and you know them!
  • If you don’t know the small business owners, be prepared for a first meeting. Cup of coffee, lunch or a quick meeting. Know what to say! 
  • Make sure your partners are a good fit, these relationships are an extension of YOU! DO NOT move forward with them if they don't hold the same values and ethics as you. 
  • Get the word out! Follow and promote on social media, do a zoom Q&A, film a video at their business, throw a customer appreciation event, etc.