How to Collect a Testimonial Via Text Message

You can also request for a Testimonial from your customers via text message.  Here is how you can collect a Testimonial via text message

Step 1: Log into your account with your username or email address and password


Step 2: Locate the left-hand navigation column, click on Testimonial.  

Step 3: A drop down box will open, click on Collect

The Collect Testimonial Page will now open

Step 4: Click on the Send Via Text Message button

The Send a Testimonial Request Via Text Message page will open

Step 5: Select the User or Location from the drop down box you want to collect the results for

Step 6: Type your customer’s name into the Your Customer’s Name field

Step 7: Type your customer’s phone number into the Phone Number of your Customer field

Step 8: Click the Send Request button in the bottom right hand side

Here is what your customers will receive: