Once you have received a testimonial, you will want to share it on your social media to gain more exposure.  You're able to share testimonials to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google+ simultaneously.  
Note: At the time that your clients/patients/etc. submitted their testimonial, they also had the opportunity to share on their social media sites.

1. Select "Testimonials" then "Manage Testimonials" 


2. Find the testimonial you'd like to share and click "Actions" on the far right, then click "Share Testimonial" from the drop-down menu.

3. Here you're able to choose to which networks you would like to post.  Note: the options listed are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At the bottom of this page, the client sees an example of what the post will look like.  



4. Select any outlet that you'd like to share the testimonial to.  If you're posting for the first time, you may be redirected to login to that social media page.  Subsequent posts will not require further authentication.  As you select a social media page to share to, the icon for that page will turn and remain green.  In the example below, the testimonial will be shared to the user's personal Facebook page.


5. Select the green "Share" button to finishing posting to your social media.