There are a few different ways to collect testimonials, but perhaps the most flexible is your personalized collection link.  This link is unique to you. When someone fills out a testimonial using your personalized collection link, the results are automatically recorded to your Testimonial Tree account for you to share on your social websites, through your testimonial display widget (widget) and social media tools.  Follow these 3 simple steps to find your unique link.

1. Log into your Testimonial Tree Dashboard, then select "Testimonials" then "Collect."


2. From the Collect Testimonials page, scroll to the second option that will display your personal link.  

3. Copy this link and then paste it wherever you'd like to gather testimonials!  Need some help getting started?  Here are some examples:

  • In your email signature (See our help articles for placing this hyperlink in your Gmail Signature or Outlook Signature).
  • A personal email to a client or colleague asking for a testimonial.
  • A social media posting asking your social media friends and followers for a general testimonial.
  • An email newsletter or other email campaigns that go to past clients.
  • A text message with the link to a client after you've worked with them.
  • Any other place where your clients may be!


Would you prefer to ask for a testimonial through an email or text from within your Testimonial Tree account? Learn how to do that here.