The Cabbies are here!

Voting for our categories will be open the whole month. 

Here's what you & the public can vote for:

Check out the voting page here:

Cabbies Voting

Ways to market the nominations process to your sphere

Send an email!

We've created an email template for you to use in Cab Corner! It's all set and ready to go to the contacts you have in your Cab Corner CRM account. Sending it is easy! Here's a couple of quick steps and screenshots to help you along the way:

  • Click on Email in the top menu then, Company Templates.
  • Scroll to the Cabbies section, and look for the Voting email.
  • Click on Subject & Message Text to make any customizations that you'd like.
  • When ready, click SEND and you'll be prompted to select who you'd like to send the message to.

Make a phone call!

Reach out! It's a great opportunity to check in and let them know you're thinking about them.

Social Media

We will be posting about The Cabbies throughout the month on our Facebook page, so feel free to share those posts. Or, if you'd like to do a post of your own, we've uploaded Cabbies related videos and graphics to Marketing REsource. Just log in and search for "The Cabbies" to find them or filter by "Florida Properties Group".

Use this link in your post to send people to the contest website:

Here's one of the graphics that we've made available. But there are plenty more!