You're in the first day of your Asset Management Prospecting Bootcamp! On Mondays you’ll get set up for the week. Refer to the Bootcamp for a full explanation and the Marketing Checklist to mark things off as you get them done!

Here's your list of things to do:

Review the Marketing “To Do List”
Use this as a guide or create your own calendar.

This will be an appointment with yourself that you do not reschedule
Create CSV files
Identify 50 new absentee owner households for the month to mail 50 postcards through Sir Speedy
Create an Absentee Owner Database
Add the absentee owners you've collected information on to a master database you'll keep in your records. Update it weekly!
Call or text 10 people
Choose from your Sphere of Influence and use FORD scripts to connect with them. Remind them what you do and ask for referrals.
Promote yourself
Promote yourself with a short video on social media. Make it relatable or funny to get engagement. If video is not your thing, use an image instead!