Before you begin, you will need to know your computer’s operating system. To find this information, click the Apple menu, then About this Mac.

Setting up a new printer is a three-step process: download the driver, install it, then configure the printer.

Download the Driver

Go to

Select the model number of your copier (i.e. Bizhub c458). Note: Searching without the letter-suffix on the model will sometimes yield better results (e.g., searching for "458U" will not find a driver but "458" will).

  1. Choose drivers from the list
  2. Choose your operating system
  3. If there is a choice, be sure to download drivers for "A4"

Install the Driver

  1. Double click the downloaded file. It will unzip to your downloads folder.
  2. Double click the .pkg installer and accept the defaults. 
  3. Enter your computer’s password when prompted.

Configure the Printer

When the driver is installed, you will need to install and configure the printer.

  1. Click the Apple menu then System preferences then Printers & Scanners or Printers & Faxes
  2. Unlock the screen, if required by clicking the lock in the lower left and entering the computer’s password
  3. To add the new printer, click the + sign
  4. Choose the IP tab:
    • o    
      • In the Address field, type the printer’s full name (i.e. Leave everything else blank.
      • In the Protocol field choose Line Printer Daemon - LPD
      • In the Queue field type print
      • The drivers may or may not fill in. If they don’t, click the box next to Use and choose Select Software.
      • Scroll to find your printer model, highlight it and click OK. It will fill in the driver name.
      • Next to Use, click Add.
  5. If you know what they are, choose the printer’s install-able options. Then click OK to complete setup.

Setup Printing Presets

Setup printing presets to quickly enable printing features such as double-sided printing, color printing, etc. The printer defaults to color printing. Do the following to set a preset and then to set as the default for black and white printing:

  1. Open Adobe
  2. Click File Print to open the print window
  3. Select Printer... in the bottom right-hand corner of the dialog box
  4. Choose the Konica Minolta copier next to Printer
  5. Select Output Method from the dropdown list
  6. Click the checkbox for Secure Print and input your copier code on the first line. (Leave the second line blank). Be sure check "save" before pressing OK.
  7. Click the checkbox for Authentication and leave inputted settings. Be sure check "save" before pressing OK.
  8. Click the checkbox for Account Track and input your copier code in the second line (Leave the first line blank). Be sure check "save" before pressing OK.
  9. To print single sided, go to the Copies & Pages menu and choose Layout/Finish.
  10. Click next to Presets and choose Save Current Settings as Preset…
  11. Name the Preset Color then click OK.
  12. Click Copies & Pages – choose Quality from the list
  13. Under Select Color, change the setting to Gray scale
  14. Click next to Presets and choose Save Current Settings as Preset…
  15. Name the Preset B&W then click OK.
  16. Print a page using that preset.
  17. Click Cancel, then return to the Print menu (click File > Print).
  18. Choose the Color or B&W printing preset from the list Option + Click. This should save this setting as the default. (You may need to set the printer as the default printer first.)