Let's face it. Setting up ads in Business Manager can be a little daunting at times and confusing at others. It's a little too easy to confuse a setting - or miss one, and sometimes this can lead to a blown budget and heft credit card charge.

To avoid that from happening, Facebook has created a new ad account level setting that allows you to set an OVERALL spending limit. Should you accidentally create an ad with a budget above your ad account spending limit, the ad over your limit will be paused, and your wallet will no doubt appreciate it!

For example, if you set an account spending limit of $50, your account won't spend more than $50. This is true even if you run ads and set an ad budget at $500.

So how do I set up this wonderful thing? It's easier than you might think!

1. Go to the Payment Settings in Ads Manager.

Payment Settings Section

2. In the Set Your Account Spending Limit section, select Set Account Spending Limit.

Set Account Spending Limit

3. Enter the limit you'd like to use, and select Set Limit.

Set Account Spending Limit