Date: 6/28/20

From: Casey Bryan

To: Agents

Hi All,


The landscape we have found ourselves in over the past few months will be one of those moments in time that defines how we do business for decades to come. We have seen resilience, patience, and adaptability from each and every person on our team. We are so encouraged by how quickly each of you changed your business operations to keep yourself, our customers and our community safe. 


We are prepared to fully reopen and redefine what our new normal will be but only want to do so while keeping each person’s safety at the forefront. With that said, we will begin reopening our offices beginning Monday, June 1st.  While we plan to fully reopen to our agents, staff and the public, there are some protocols we are asking of everyone to abide by in order to keep everyone safe which are noted below.


  1. There will be no office parties, gatherings, meetings, trainings, or other group events of more than 10 people until at least August 1, 2020. We will continue to monitor the situation and make revisions to this timeframe if necessary. All of these events can continue to be held virtually for the next 60 days.
    1. The only exception will be the Sunshine Kids Clay Shoot on June 12th which is a Sunshine Kids Fundraiser as this is an outdoor event.
  2. Please eliminate all physical contact with agents, staff and customers while in-office to help keep each person safe.
  3. Closings are still happening. We will continue to be limit closings to the Title Closer and signing parties only until at least August 1, 2020.
  4. Please use the office as necessary but do so while following all CDC guidelines such as hygiene recommendations and social distancing. You may not be impacted or deemed at risk, but remember you do not know everyone’s story. They may live with an elderly parent or have an immune compromised spouse or child. 
  5. There is hand sanitizer available at the front desk of each office. We ask that each staff, agent and guests use the hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the office. 
  6. Please be respectful of every Seller who has chosen to list their home at this time as we know this decision was most likely made with hesitation. Use our Protocols for Selling and Protocols for Showing sheets found on the Agent Help Site, depending on which side you are working with, as references to keep all parties safe. Please try to limit showings to two (2) same-household individuals and yourself.
  7. If you and your Seller agree to host an Open House, please use our Protocol for Open House found on the Agent Help Site as a point of reference. You should put in place every precaution to keep you, your Seller and the community safe.
  8. All BHU classes, Getting Connected and other company-wide trainings will continue to be delivered virtually until at least August 1, 2020. Many of you have expressed your satisfaction with the virtual classes and in an effort to make education as convenient as possible with you will do a blended delivery after August 1st
  9. If you are an agent that has recently joined our company and need to arrange a time to get your headshot taken, please email
  10. In order to be the most efficient we can, we’re asking all agents to please make sure you have up to date Credit Card and Direct Deposit information on file.


The past 3 weeks our market, as a whole, has had positive momentum and has outpaced 2019 pending sales again. This is the first time in 9 weeks this has happened. Furthermore, BHHS Florida Properties Group has continuously outpaced the market since the beginning of this year thanks to our entire team! KUDOS to each of you for being LEADERS in our industry. Continue to work hard while keeping your safety and the safety of our collective community in the forefront of all you do.