Date: 3/19/20

From: Dewey Mitchell & Allen Crumbley

To: Company Wide

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Please Note:

  • A consumer facing video announcement will be available on our BHHS Florida Properties Group page tomorrow.
  • We are compiling flyers, seller letter, buyer letter and protocol sheets for you to use. These will be available on the Agent Help Site by close of business tomorrow.



To our Team,


Knowing this is a fluid and unprecedented situation, we are doing the best we can to provide you with guidance that both fulfills your fiduciary responsibility while also keeping you, your customer and our collective community safe. We wish to applaud every person for doing their part in this.


With that said, we also recognize the nature of our relationship with our customers is different than most. Our business brings us into their homes and right now HOME is where national and local health officials are saying people are the safest. That alone means we need to be more mindful than ever. But our doors, whether physically or virtually, remain open and we encourage each of you to develop a plan that best fits your personal and professional needs.

We assure you we have made preliminary plans for operational safety and efficiency but understand the need for these plans to be moldable as more information is given to us. As we strive to insure the health and safety of our customers, associates, employees and community it is imperative that we are clear on the revisions we are making during this unique time in our market. Following outlines revisions we are making internally.


  • First, we ask each of you and encourage you to ask of your customers that a degree of patience and understanding is exercised. There is not a playbook that tells us or you how to act or react to these situations. We are deciphering information as it becomes available and making the best decisions we can for greater good.
  • Secondly, Health officials have stressed importance of social distancing and we are listening to that directive. We are asking all agents to work remotely for the time being. Unless there is a business need to be in the office, we ask that you remain away. Upon entering the office and prior to leaving, each person will be asked to follow CDC recommended hygiene guidelines.
  • Next, our annual awards banquet has been cancelled and the delivery of sales meetings, trainings and gatherings are revised through the end of March and potentially April. Sales Meetings will be cancelled or delivered virtually. Major trainings like our BHU course and the roll-out of Quick Buy (our new iBuyer platform) will be delivered virtually. Your coaching sessions with your Market President will most likely also be delivered virtually. Non-essential trainings will be rescheduled for later dates.
  • In addition, when dealing with pending contracts, we will be providing you with scripts and have included a sample addendum that can be added to your contracts to help relieve some of the stress surrounding the unknowns. While all parties still need to agree to this, it allows everyone to proceed with a level of clarity and certainty that may be missing currently. Please feel free to use this addendum accordingly. It IS in Dotloop under Coronavirus ADDENDUM.
  • Lastly, we are asking each of you to have open, honest conversations with your active clients on how you will be conducting your personal business and what they are expecting of each of you. For some, the reason they decided to sell or purchase will be unchanged and they will need to continue moving forward in the process. For others, it may not be as critical and they may wish to wait. Either decision should be honored and respected.


We are committing to delivering each of our agents, staff and Core Service Providers the most up to date guidance from the CDC and local health officials on the best way to conduct business. Real estate transactions can and will still take place they just may be handled a little differently. Here are some things we ask that you implement immediately and communicate to your customers:

  1. We ask you to drive separately to meet at the properties being shown. During showings, ask customers to practice CDC recommended hygiene guidelines when entering anyone’s home
  2. Discuss holding open houses virtually over social media platforms such as Facebook live. For traditional open houses, we ask that you implement precautions to keep you, your Seller’s home and prospective buyers safe.
  3. Showings of homes should come with new precautions such as guest sanitizing before entering, removal of items such as towels and other commonly-touched items and instructions for not touching any surfaces. An alternative would be to provide disposable gloves or tissue for touching light switches, handles and knobs and a trash can for disposal.
  4. Offer the ability to view properties virtually which is not a new practice but now a necessity. You can deploy Google Meet, using your BHHS Gmail account or Facetime.
  5. While closing is always a time for celebration, we ask you to celebrate afterwards and sustain from attending your customers closings. Providing a safe environment for our closing partners is critical and this helps to minimize the number of unnecessary people in their work environment.
  6. Please limit the amount of people at each showing to a maximum of 2. These should be the decision makers only, not children, parents or friends. These people can use Video conferencing technology or videos to share in the experience with any additional people.
  7. Request that your tenants, owners and buyers delay non-urgent repairs to reduce the number of people within a home.
  8. Remind your customers that if traditional, in-person meetings are being delayed or done over the phone or video conference, just know it’s with their best interest in mind.

This is just a small sample of the ways we are asking you to put yourself, your customers and our collective health at the forefront of what we are doing through innovation and common sense service.

We will continue to be available to you via phone, email, video conferencing and online whenever and wherever needed. Despite these operational changes our purpose remains the same. We are committed to delivering the brokerage, title, mortgage and insurance service OUR CUSTOMERS you have come to expect.

With appropriate preparation and precautions it remains an extremely desirable time for home buyers and sellers across central Florida. As we mark decades of doing business in Central Florida we are reminded of the wars, recessions, natural disasters and other challenges this great company has seen. In many of those moments, things were uncertain, but our sales professionals and staff steadied their course, which allowed us to continue to be the trusted real estate advisor for all of our friends and neighbors across Central Florida. This will be no different. As this situation continues to develop, we will continue to provide meaningful updates to all of you. I encourage you to be mindful of your family’s health in the coming weeks and on behalf of everyone at our BHHS Florida Properties Group companies, we thank you for trusting us in your very important business.