Date: 3/16/20

From: Market Presidents

To: Agents

Hi Everyone,


I hope each of you are doing well. I know this is unchartered territory for us all. Call, email or text me if I can assist you in ANYWAY. 

How do we Hold Together Pending Deals?  By Keeping Buyers & Sellers Calm


The original reason the Buyer and Seller have chosen to Buy or Sell, most likely has not changed, although the Fear they feel may now be ever-present.

As Realtors, we often need to sooth the emotions & fears of Buyers and Sellers throughout any transaction, this, is a new fear we now have to address as professionals.

For Buyers:

  • Remind them that their home purchase is a Stability. Everyone needs a place to call home and feel comfortable. It is one of the things we CAN control.
  • Remind them of the reasons why they are purchasing- Is it to get away from the cold winters? Better school district, a family addition, closer commute to work?
  • If Buyer is coming from Renting- The Mortgage is likely much lower than their rent- They are making more money each month with this decision.
  • Investment Buyers for Renting out- People need a place to Live- Rent prices are still high- a good source of income for Investors

For Sellers:

  • The Future of Home Values- Now is Likely The Best time to sell. Interest Rates are virtually nonexistent and Home Value are High.
  • Remind them of the reasons they are selling-  Closer to family, Better school district, Newer Home
  • Low Inventory- Less Competition Drives demand for Higher Prices


** For Both Buyers and Sellers I would encourage you to address the “Elephant in the room.” Like any Challenge we, as Realtors have to overcome, Acknowledge how they are feeling and have empathy. Ease their fears by circling back to WHY they originally chose to Buyer or Sell and that reason still exists.


All decisions are Best Made when they are not Based From FEAR.

Stay Healthy and let me know if I can help!