Searching for HOA Documents: 

  1. Google Subdivision Name  ( From there this may direct you to the management company website.  Check to see if they have the docs on their website. If not, do step 2.
  2. Check ( inquire by name. Search our Records -> Inquire by Name -> ie: Meadowglen – Make sure it is Active
  3. Verify Mailing Address
  4. Copy and Paste Mailing address into Google Search. Visiting the Management Company website will give you the most current HOA documents. If you are still unable to find them the next place would be the County Clerk.
  5. Hillsborough Clerk Records & Reports -> Official Records -> Online Search of Official Records -> click “OK”. Then you fill in two spots…
    1. NAME: (the HOA name) ie: Meadowglen 
    2. DOCUMENT TYPE:  RES (Restrictions) for house or if a Condo=CND (Declaration of Condominium)
    3. You can always copy link and send to customer with the disclaimer that the most current documentation would be from the HOA directly. 
  6. Pasco County Clerk
    1. Public Records -> Search Official Records -> Agree to the Terms -> Type in Subdivision Name/Plat

TAX & CDD Search: 

  1. Visit
    1. Records Search -> Real Estate and Tangible Property Tax Search -> Address of Residence - > Click on Owner Name/Address  
    2. CDD will appear under Non-Ad Valorem Assessments
  2. Visit
    1. Records Search -> Real Estate Tax Record -> Enter Name or Address 


Permits Search:

  1. Hillsborough Clerk
    1. Records & Reports -> Official Records -> Online Search of Official Records -> click “OK”. -> Owner Name -> All Documents  
    2. If there is a Notice of Commencement and there is not a Notice of Termination, the Notice of Commencement is open for 12 months. With this document open, the contractor or subcontractor could place a mechanics lien upon the property. The Seller would need to contact the contractor and have them file a Notice of Termination. If you are past your 12 month period then this would not be necessary. 
  2. Visit County Permit
    1. Check Permit Status -> Scroll down - Leave Default Selection (Locks/Holds/Notices/Comments) -> Address -> Search
    2. You want the Permit Status to read FINAL. If it is still open the Seller would need to contact the contractor and ask for Lien Affidavit /Final Lien Waiver showing the project is paid in FULL. 
    1. Address -> Search 



  1. PASCO County 
    1. Main page -> Sinkhole History -> Type in Address
  2. Hillsborough County – 
    1. Search -> Search Subsidence
    2. It will then direct you to this link


  1. Hillsborough County 
    1. Residents -> Code Violations -> Search Code Violation Cases ->Address or Name
  2.  Pasco County – Unable to locate.


  1. Pasco County
    1. Records Search -> Subdivision Name or Property Address -> Submit -> Click on Parcel -> Click on Adobe Symbol for Plat -> Once open, click on # and >> in the top right hand corner for Plat Map
  2. Hillsborough County – Unable to locate.