One of the things which can set you apart from the competition is the fact that you have an amazing support team available ready to assist you with whatever you may need. You're never alone at BHHS Florida Properties Group.

So what's the right way to show that to a potential customer when meeting with them? The "My Experienced Team" page, which is customizable and ready for you in MADI. This great marketing piece shows your customer all the people who are part of your team, ready willing and able to assist you in the process of selling their home or helping them find a new one.

How Do I Use It?

You'll want to customize this sheet with the faces of your local staff members, of course. You can do all of this within MADI. Follow the steps below. 

  • Log into MADI (via Cabernet Corner) 
  • Search for "Team" using the search box near the top of the page OR scroll to the RESI GENERAL PROMO section, then click on the "Company" folder. The "BHHS Experienced Team" flyer option will appear in either of these search results. 
  • Click on it to open, and then choose "Create Design"
  • Click on the image area you want to upload an image of a team member of yours. (i.e. your Market President, Agent Ambassador, Capstone Title Agent, Preferred Lending Services Mortgage Partner, etc.)
  • THEN the upload panel will appear > navigate to the appropriate folder
  • Choose the image of the person you're looking for and it will populate into the area you first clicked on
  • Be sure to update their name and title where appropriate
  • Rinse and repeat for all your "team" partners! 
  • When you're done, preview it to make sure everything is how you'd like it, then save and download your pdf!
  • This will be saved within your MADI account to use the next time you need it!

We hope you enjoy this great new tool!

Title Contacts @ Capstone Title:

  • David Boyum
    VP, Core Services
    Marlana Posavec
    Asst. Administrative Manager
    Stephanie Boulden
    Title Manager
    Joelle Bonny
    Donna Ellis
    Maria Aldridge
    Title Manager
    Emily Posavec
    Administrative Manager
    Deborah Haskin
    Closing Agent
    Demee Boccarossa
    Closing Agent
    Bonnie Otero
    Title Manager
    Christy Malone
    Closing Agent
    Jennifer McGee
    Title Manager
    Therri Midlam
    Tanya Bitzas

    Kimberly Titus
    Title Manager
    Kacy Jordan
    Title Manager

    "BJ" Ryon
    Closing Agent