To make changes to an existing project, take the following steps after logging in to the Marketing Center:

  1. On the main menu at the top of any page, click "Projects."

    Projects - Create New Project
  2. Find the project under "Recent Projects" and click on it. (If the project was autocreated, the project name will be the property address.)  If you don't find the project under "Recent Projects", or if it has been a long while since the project you're looking for was created, scroll down and click on the folder which contains the project you want to edit. (If the project was autocreated, the project folder name will also be the property address.)

  3. Click on the project you want to edit. (Hover your mouse cursor over a project to get a better look at the project name.)

    Click the project
  4. Near the right side of the page, click on the "Edit" button.

    Edit Project
  5. Click the "Save and Continue" button until you get to the page containing the text or photo you wish to change. (Alternatively you can also click the rightward-pointing triangle on the right end of progress indicator line near the top of the page, instead of scrolling down to click the "Save and Continue" button.)

    Navigate and edit
  6. Make your changes. (Note: Once you've manually edited a field, we'll no longer apply the data from the MLS site to that field. This is to avoid overwriting your changes here.)

  7. Click the "Save and Continue" button until you are returned to the project overview page again.

  8. Click the "Preview" button to view your changes.

  9. If you previously hosted the project (or if the project was automatically hosted after being autocreated) be sure to rehost the project to send your changes to the hosted version of the project as well.

                   *Please note - If you've edited Just Listed postcard artwork, the updated design must be sent to the printer's system in order for them to receive the changes you made. After saving changes, click the ExpressCopy logo to start that process - which takes up to a minute. Once the file is transferred, you'll be brought to the print ordering system where you can confirm the rest of the details of your order. Need help from the printer's customer service team? Please email