Here, we've got a summary of everything you need to know about the new automated digital advertising platform, which is provided to you by BHHS national! 

What is it?

  • CHALK Digital is a digital advertising platform
  • BHHS National has partnered with them to provide you with FREE Automated ads for every single new listings
  • You have the ability to buy additional advertising at discounted prices

How it can help

  • Win more listings and impress your sellers
  • Build your brand the way top agents do
  • Gain more business by becoming inescapable online

To access CHALK Digital

  • Visit and login
  • Click to open CHALK Digital

How do the automated listing ads work?

  • All listings hitting the market after the launch date will get one
  • Each ad will generate thousands of impressions
  • Ads start running 48 hours after the listing hits the market
  • Ads will run for 1 week for FREE
  • The ads are automatically targeted

How are the ads targeted?

  • Behavioral targeting (interested in real estate)
  • 15 mile radius
  • People who have viewed the property

Where are the ads shown?

In a nutshell, almost everywhere online. CHALK Digital has access to over 95% of the digital ad space. Here's a sampling of some well-known sites that your ad could be displayed on.

In addition, CHALK Digital displays ads in thousands of mobile apps (like CNN, The Weather Channel, ESPN, and hundreds of others) and on Facebook!

What do I need to do?

Because the program is automated, there's very little that you need to do! Great news, right? We thought so. However, there is something which you should do for each ad. Yes - EVERY TIME. Why? Because it will make your sellers LOVE YOU.

Click here to learn more about what you need to do for every listing.

How do I present it to my sellers?

Here's a sample script, and there's also a video which you can show them posted here.


"I'm going to show your home thousands of times across Facebook, mobile devices, and 95% of the web, to highly targeted people that are in the market to buy real estate within a radius of your home. On top of that, I'm going to send you automatic reporting that shows how many views and clicks you've received daily. I challenge you to ask the agents following me what they're going to do to market you online."

Use BOTH the script and the video for success!

Need some help?

If you'd like some 1-on-1 help with this program, the CHALK Digital team is available to you!

Want to know more?

Attached is an informational flyer provided by BHHS. The flyer is meant for YOU - not your clients.