Wouldn't it be great if all contacts you've added to Cabernet Corner would automatically sync to Dotloop and vice-versa? Well, it's an option! All you have to do is turn the sync on.

This fantastic option means you won't have to re-enter client information into Dotloop when you’re ready to write a contract. Also, any person you add within a loop as a Buyer or Seller, will automatically send back to Cabernet Corner for you… so it’s essentially a hands off database creation in both systems! The more details you put in one, the easier your life becomes in the other and the more complete your database will be in the long run!

Ready to make things a little easier?

Click here to activate your auto-sync!

  • When prompted to login to Dotloop, use your @bhhsflpg.com email
  • Click Approve
  • Enter your Cab Corner login information (probably first initial last name -cbryan)
  • Click Start Sync
  • Sit back and let the magic happen!

We genuinely hope this helps make your business run more efficiently and saves you time throughout your week!