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Being a licensed real estate agent in Florida these days can be a bit trying.  For those of you that need to take a break and relax, we’ve got the answer for you!  As a Tropical Realty Referral agent you can earn large amounts of money sitting at home and having us work your real estate referrals.  Seriously, this is what we do. We have contacts all around the world that can help you-help them, find the right property.

Do you have a friend or family member looking to make a move anywhere in the world? Then you can earn money by referring business to an active full time agent. 

With your new status, while you may not actively list and sell property, you will have the opportunity to choose with whom to place your referral business to earn money on a generous commission schedule. This status also means that you will not need to be part of a Board of Realtors or pay MLS fees.

If you do not want to give up your license, but need a break from listing and selling property as an active agent, this is the place for your license!

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Please send completed forms to agentrecords@bhhsflpg.net.

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