Types of Auctions

• Absolute-Sells regardless of price

• Reserve-Confidential minimum must be met

What Auctions Do

• Generate immediate interest in specific property

• Create competition for the privilege to write a contract


• Produce a hard contract within 45 days with no contingencies

• 98% of accepted contracts close the first time

• Force buyers to make a decision to buy and what to pay or lose it

• Removes Post offer negotiations and re-negotiations

How We Do It

• Qualify the property and the owner

• Focus all effort and attention on one property at a time

• Aggressive marketing with a “CALL TO ACTION DATE AND TIME”

• Direct buyers in negotiating against each other, not the SELLER

• Dictate non-negotiable Terms and Conditions (Buyer pays Doc Stampson Deed)


• During a new listing, it may be introduced as a future solution-When a seller’s motivation changes

• Individual property owners-Corporate owned properties-REO’s


• I should have done an auction a long time ago. I would have saved a lot of time and anxiety.

• Auctions have become and will remain a more accepted means of sale.

Characteristics of a Good Auction Candidate

• A seller with a sincere desire or motivation to sell in a short period of time

• They also have the ability to PERFORM (accept a reasonable price)

Benefits of BHHS Auction

• The name recognition of Berkshire Hathaway will be beneficial to both Buyers as well as Sellers

• The resources of BHHS’s marketing strategy will produce more buyers

• The BHHS auction team has over 23 years combined experience having sold all real estate types ranging in price from $15,000 to 3.5M

For more information, visit AuctionsFLA.com