Interested in getting the most out of the Buyside account which BHHS Florida Properties Group provides for you? Take a peek at the tips we've posted below.


Listing Presentation

  • Produce BMA from Buyside
  • Review the BMA and ask questions prior to listing appointment

Social Media

  • Post YOUR home valuation link to your Facebook business page
  • Share post back to your personal page “You can find the value of your home!”
  • Boost your business page post for $20 (amount per your discretion)
  • Join the Buyside FB Group


  • Send and email to your sphere.
    • Subject Line: Find the Value of Your Home
    • Body: “With our new robust valuation product, you can find the value ofyour home! Find it on my website by clicking below. Please let me know if I can help you better understand these tools.”
  • Add YOUR home valuation link to your email signature
    • Text: “What’s Your Home Worth? Get Three Estimates Instantly. No Cost –No Obligation. LINK”
    • If you are able, add a hyperlinked icon


  • Find YOUR Home Valuation Link on your mobile device and copy it
  • Open a text to ONE individual (you do NOT want to bother people with a group text)
  • Write out your message: “With our new robust valuation product, you can find the value of your home! Check it out.”
  • Paste the link
  • Highlight all text and copy
  • Send Text
  • For each new person that you send the text to, just copy and send


  • Create a simple and attractive postcard including YOUR home valuation link
  • Create a shorter link with (easy and free)
  • Send out a postcard to your farm area

Business Cards

  • Create a business card sized marketing material
  • Include your contact info and the link to YOUR home valuation link
  • Create a Shorter link with (easy and free)
  • Hand out at events, to friends/family, or mail in a card that you send to your sphere

Company Leads

  • (Comes from the COMPANY home valuation page – you own all leads from YOUR home valuation page)
  • Leads will be individually handed out by the company
  • Look up the address yourself on YOUR home valuation link and review contents prior to reaching out
  • Contact Lead: “I saw that you were interested in understanding more about the value of your home. My name is ______. How can I help you?”