Within your loops documents section you have to ability to re-arrange the order of your documents, as well as replace a document with another document.


Using This Guide


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Article Sections


Re-ordering documents

Any documents can be re-ordered within their contained folder. This can be accomplished by simply clicking on the document and dragging it up or down the list between other documents. When you've done this, you will see a slot open up to place the document.




Replacing documents

Replace a placeholder or a document within your loop with an updated version by simply dragging and dropping the new document onto the one you would like to replace. The documents must be within the same folder.


Above, we can see I replaced the REQUIRED version of the Contract (which was pulled from my Templates) with "My Version of Contract." You will be prompted to accept this replacement.


You can see just above, my contract's title has now changed to the title of the contract I replaced. Notice that the document's status has changed from REQUIRED to NOT SUBMITTED, because replacing counts as an update to a REQUIRED document.

Use this on placeholders and documents as necessary.




What happens when you replace a document

Upon clicking the YES button (confirming you would like to replace the document), the original document will be archived and replaced with the new document. The new document will inherit the old document's REQUIRED or OPTIONAL status, but will update to NOT SUBMITTED in either case. The activity log will record this action.




Retrieving documents you've replaced

Any replaced document becomes archived at the time it is replaced. Displaying your archived documents will show you your replaced document. To access these documents choose the SHOW ARCHIVED option, and you will see the document listed at the bottom.