One of the first things you'll need to do after creating a loop is to add documents. There are three methods available for adding documents to your loop.


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Article Sections



Add from templates

Choosing to add documents via templates will present you with a window showing your documents available in the templates section of your profile. The folders will be displayed on the left and will mirror the folders in the templates section of your account. Once you click on one of these folders it will display the documents within that folder on the right. Each document will have a check box on the left that you can click on to select it (you can select multiple documents within multiple folders!). Once you have selected your template choices, click the COPY button on the bottom of the window.




Browse computer

The BROWSE option will allow you to upload PDF documents from your computer into your loop. Selecting this option will pull up a window that displays the files on your computer, allowing you to select a document to add. Alternatively, while the ADD DOCUMENT window is open, you can drag and drop any PDF's from your computer right into the loop.




Add via email

Selecting the EMAIL option will present you with the email address of the loop. You will see an email address and a button labelled Copy to clipboard, which will copy the loop upload email address to your clipboard for you. Simply locate any email containing a PDF attachment that you wish to add to the loop, choose to forward that email, and send it to the email address we have already copied for you(by pasting it into the TO: field)! Once you have sent the email, we will return an email once we receive it letting you know the status of the upload. Once successful, reload your loop and the document(s) will be uploaded and waiting for you!