Within dotloop you can set up your listing loops to be searchable to agents wanting to make an offer on your loop. This can allow a buying agent to link their loop to yours for submitting offers to you. Once a listing is linked, the buying agent will be added to your loop and you to theirs for sharing. Once they share an offer to you, a new folder will appear in the loop with their offer documents. As your privacy is important to us, we only grant the agent making an offer the listing information and your email address for sharing.


Using This Guide


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Article Sections


Making a listing active

To ensure your listing is searchable in dotloop by potential buyer's agent, make sure you confirm these 3 things:

1. First, set your role as LISTING AGENT in the loop.


2. We will now have to set our TRANSACTION TYPE and LOOP STATUS to an appropriate listing option. Here are the specific types and statuses that must be set to make an active listing:

Transaction Type - Loop Status

  • Listing for Sale: Active Listing -or- Under Contract
  • Listing for Lease: Active Listing -or- Under Contract
  • Purchase: Under Contract
  • Lease: Under Contract
  • Real Estate Other: In-Progress
  • Other: In-Progress


3. Make sure you have the property address and MLS number entered in the VIEW DETAILS section.


When all criteria are met your loop is now searchable for buying agents to make an offer in dotloop!




Making an offer on an existing listing

To make an offer start by creating a new loop.

Here we can link directly to the listing by searching the address in the window where we name our loop. If the property is listed in dotloop you will see the agent's name below the address.


If this listing is correct, click on the address. Here, dotloop will as to ensure this is the correct listing. If so, select IMPORT DATA.

Note: Ensure that you have selected the correct listing as this is a permanent selection.


If we already have the loop set up we can also link via the document editor, or the VIEW DETAILS page. We will first need to set our loop TRANSACTION TYPE to PURCHASE. It is also suggested to set yourself as the BUYING AGENT

Note: Any Loop Status can be chosen and will not affect our ability to make an offer.


We can now link to the property either by opening an interactive document, or in the VIEW DETAILS section. To search via an interactive document let's first open the document. We will now be presented with the AUTOFILL window. Scroll down the window to the search bar for the property address and type in the address or MLS number. You will be presented with all available listings. 

Note: to ensure you are linking to a dotloop listing, make sure the address has the name of the Listing Agent below the address, as shown below.


When you select the proper listing, dotloop will ask if you are sure if you want to IMPORT DATA

Note: this cannot be undone!


In the VIEW DETAILS section we can also search to link to the property if we have not done so within a document.


This will again ask you to IMPORT DATA to ensure this is the proper listing.


Now that you have joined your buying loop with the listing agent's loop you can begin by sharing documents or sending a message to the listing agent, introducing yourself. 




Pro tips

  • Making an offer only gives you the listing information, as well as adds you to the listing agents loop, and the listing agent to your loop.
  • All documents on both sides of the transaction will remain private until shared.