The compliance review process on dotloop is just too easy with document approval statuses at your disposal!

Within the dashboard template section, any admin can designate which documents in a given folder are required or optional. This tells the person adding the documents to the loop that they absolutely need, or may conditionally need, a document.


After a loop is submitted for review, the submitter will be notified if any required documents are missing:


After all required documents have been successfully submitted, the individual will see that the document statuses have changed from REQUIRED to SUBMITTED.


When reviewing the loop from dashboard you will clearly see all of the documents in red, with the status NEEDS REVIEW (see below). 

The banner that runs along the top of the documents section clearly displays the number of documents needing review, as well as a convenient 'Open All' button placed to the far right, so you can jump right into the review process!


As a dashboard admin when you open a document or set of documents, you can add a message and accept/return the document with the click of a button:


After the review stage is updated, the agent is then notified via email and can quickly see the documents that were RETURNED in red:


This simple, color-coded feature makes the review process a breeze, and keeps details clear between admins and users.  Give it a shot, organization is always a good thing!