Reviewing loops from the broker dashboard



Selecting your admin profile

First, be sure you're on your admin profile by selecting it from your profile list.

We recommend reviewing loops from the list view to make things easier to see. 

Wether you've received a compliance notification email or you're just logging in to check on the statuses of loops, you can do it all from the admin loops page. 



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Setting filters

Using the filter options, you can customize your view to only show the loops you’re ready to review based on their status. Click here to learn more about filters.  



In the example above, we've selected to see LISTING loops with the compliance status of NEEDS REVIEW and the loop status of ACTIVE LISTING. The loop status is set by the agent to identify status and track progress. 



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Reviewing a loop

It’s now easy to review only the loops ready and submitted by the agent. 


Once you're in a loop, you have the same view and access as your agent. From here you can review each document, adding notes as you go and signing if necessary. To quickly view all documents that need reviewed there will be a bar below the loop name, where you can now click OPEN ALL to review.



At the top of the page you will see a black bar that will allow you to quickly APPROVE, RETURN, or SKIP the current document; as well as send a message to the agent for this document.



Once you have made a selection, hit NEXT to view the next document.



When you have completed all documents choose DONE.



After hitting done, you will be shown an overview where you can now change the workflow status and complete your review!



Tags can be added to either a loop or documents to create your own custom notifications. You could use a tag to send an agent a short notification on work needed for a document, or to simply create a way to have your own custom filtering option. Whenever you place a tag on a loop, that tag will now appear in your filters as a selectable option. Let's start by first placing a tag on a loop.

Adding a tag to a loop is done by hovering over the tag field below the property address, then typing in the tag you would like to add to the loop. We can do this within the loop, or from your main loops page.




Let's create a custom tag titled TERMINATED OFFER



Now, when you check your filters, you will see you can now filter loops with the TERMINATED OFFER tag.



Also, we have the ability to add tags to specific documents. Here you can leave a short tag letting an agent know the status of a document.




If a loop needs to be returned to an agent, try creating a task for them to complete. In this example, the agent needs to update the Real Estate Agreement. As an admin, you can create a due date for this task and assign it to the agent. 



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