With dotloop's business account, reviewing and managing your agents transactions is easy and pain free. Utilizing all the features of your business will allow you and your agents to close more deals faster. In this section we will cover the techniques to utilize to get the most out of your business account.



Reviewing loops

On your admin profile you have tools at your fingertips that allow you to display, filter, and tag certain transactions that you or other admins may be responsible for. Implementing the FILTER, SORT BY, as well as choosing how to list your loops will make finding and reviewing loops simple and easy.



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When evaluating your agents loops the filter tool is fundamental in finding specific loops easily and quickly. On your business account you have the ability to change which loops are displayed. Changing filters can allow you to choose the transactions in particular review stages, loop statuses, or tags that may have been added by you or another admin in your brokerage. Using these features will help you better organize and manage all of your transactions. On your main loops page under the five icons in the top right corner you will find the FILTER button and clicking it will open the filter drop down menu on your page.


In the filter drop down menu you will notice three columns by which you can filter your loops: Review Stage, Loop Status, and Tags. If you wish to only view loops in particular review stages click the checkbox next to the stage or choose SELECT ALL next to the workflow name to view all loops in that workflow. You may also choose to only views loops that have yet to be submitted which can be done by selecting the checkbox to the left of NOT SUBMITTED. Filtering your loops by review stage will allow you to delegate which admins will review loops in certain stages, streamlining the compliance review process.

The second filter column, Loop Status, can filter loops to only display loops in particular statuses.

The final column, Tags, are tags you or another admin has added on to particular loops based on different criteria to better help you and your brokerage organize and catalog your transactions. As an admin only you are able to add tags to loops created within your company.

After making any changes to your filters always make sure to click the FILTER button for these changes to be reflected on your page. If you ever have any difficulty locating certain loops or just want to view every loop your brokerage has created simply click CLEAR ALL next to the FILTER button on the right. Make sure to click the FILTER button for these loops to be displayed just like you would after making any changes to your filters.


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To change the order in which your loops display simply click DEFAULT to the right of SORT BY. The sort menu will appear where you can change how loops are listed by criteria such as CLOSING DATE, LAST UPDATED, and PURCHASE PRICE. Click the way you wish to sort your loops and the changes will be immediately reflected on your main loops page.


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View type

On your dotloop account by default you will see your loops in Grid View, showing all of your loops in circles with the title of the loop in the middle. You can change the way your loops are displayed visually by clicking the icon with three white lines in the next to SORT BY.


Doing this will change your view type from Grid View to List View. In List View you can see all of your loops listed along with what status they are in. Also you have the ability to search for loops by clicking SEARCH on the colored bar that goes across the page. With the search bar you can search for loops by property address, loop name, or type in the name of an agent to view all loops created by that particular agent.


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