Within every loop is the message center. This allows you to open lines of dialogue between people in the loop, allowing you to message either a single person, or groups of people. We can access our loops messages either from the loop, or within documents. This feature is a powerful tool to keep on track of your conversations within a loop! Also, any messages you've sent during the sharing of a document will be recorded here as well, and dotloop will even note which documents the messages were sent from!


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Message center


The message center is your central hub for all messages within a loop. Here, every message is recorded, whether it be from a message within a document, within the loop, or a message sent during a share. To access the message center, click on the message icon.



Here we can see any messages that have already been sent. All conversations are separated by tabs on the left side of this window. Clicking on a tab will show the conversation history with that person, or group of people.



From this screen, you can type and send a reply to the conversation chain you have chosen by typing in the text input box. To send the message click SEND, or, if you have the option enabled, using the ENTER/RETURN key on your keyboard will send messages.



To start a new message chain, click on NEW MESSAGE at the top.



You will now be presented with everyone that is in the loop. Select one, or multiple, people by clicking the box to the left of their name, and then typing a message to message them!





Messages within a document


Aside from the message center, you can also send messages directly from a document. This will make note that the message is attached to that specific document, directing the recipient to that document. We can accomplish this either within the loop, or within the document.


To send a message while in the loop, click on the message icon to the right of the document name



While within a document, you will find under the MORE tab, the MESSAGES option.





Reply to message via email


Within any email sent by dotloop, you can quickly send a message to the person who sent you the email. This will message that person in their loop and send them an email in reply, as well as record the message in the message center of the loop! To accomplish this, simply click reply to the dotloop email and type your message. When you send the email, the recipient will receive the message. It's that easy!







Notifications are reminders for your loop. These can be a notice that someone has signed a document, you have a document to review, etc. To access these notifications, click on the flag icon next to the messages icon. When this icon is red, you have a notification to review.



Any new notifications that require your attention will be highlighted in yellow.


Your notifications will clear as you complete the actions required by the notification. If you want to view all of your notifications click on VIEW ALL ACTIVITY. This will direct you to your activity log.