Within dotloop we have the ability to select a multitude of roles for every person within the loop. These roles can range from Seller, Buyer, Listing Agent, etc. What do we do though in the case where we fit more than one role? In a transaction you may be the Seller as well as the Listing Agent, or even be working in a dual role as the Listing Agent as well as the Buying Agent.

To accomplish this we have to understand a few things within the loop. First, we can only select one role for any one person in the loop. Second, we do not need to add ourselves to a loop multiple times, as this could cause confusion when assign fields or working within a document. Let's go through a few scenarios on how to continue forward.


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I'm the Seller/Buyer, as well as the Listing/Buying Agent


In this scenario you are taking on the role of the agent, as well as the client. Since we can only select one role it is best to select the role that will autopopulate the most fields within our documents to save time. In this example let's select the role of Seller.



Now that we have the role of Seller, let's add our documents and open one. When we open the document it asks us to Autofill. You will see we are assigned to Seller, but not Listing Agent. This is fine, let's click the Autofill button at the bottom right.



Now our document will have populated all fields for the role of Seller.



Now we want to browse through the document and look for any fields that need the attention of our role of Listing Agent. If the field is a text box then simply click on the text box and type our required information. If the field is a signature or initial box we need to just click on that field and at the top left of the page choose our name from the dropdown.



Now we are assigned to all fields for the roles of both Seller and Listing Agent! To sign any fields, we need to just hover over the signature or initial boxes and choose sign now.





I am both the Listing and Buying Agent


In this scenario we will be taking on the dual role of Listing Agent as well as Buying Agent. Again, as we can only choose one role in dotloop we will still want to choose the most relevant role, and make sure not to add ourselves to the loop again. Let's choose the role of Listing Agent in this example (either agent role will suffice in this situation).



At this time as well we can add all of our Sellers and Buyers to the loop.



Now when we add our documents to the loop and open one we will see that Bernie Buyer is set as Buyer, Sally Seller is set to the role of Seller, and we are set as the Listing Agent. Click assign at the bottom right. This will autopopulate all the fields for the roles of Seller, Buyer, and Listing Agent.



Now let's navigate through the document and search for any fields requiring the attention of our Buying Agent role. If the field is a text box we can simply click inside the field and type the required information. If the field is a signature or initial box then we can assign that field to ourselves as well, no need to add an additional person!