If you are having trouble logging into your dotloop account, there are a couple possible reasons. We've listed the possible errors and solutions here.


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Incorrect email/password combination

This error occurs when dotloop recognizes the email address that is being entered, but the password entered does not match dotloop's records.


Assuming that you don't know the password to the account registered with the email address you want to use, you will need to click the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? link.


Here, you will be prompted to enter the email address you want to use. You'll be asked to PLEASE COMPLETE THESE FIELDS. Enter the email address and the security caption and then click the large blue REQUEST button.


After clicking the REQUEST button, you will see the following message: A change password request has been sent via email.


Check the inbox of that email address.  You will receive an email in your inbox from dotloop with the subject line: Password Reset Request.

Open this email, and click the Reset Password button in the body of the email.


You will be taken to a page where you'll need to create a password.  Put the password in twice. Remember, you are creating the password here. Click SAVE.


You will be taken back to the dotloop sign in page.  Sign in with the email address and the the new password you just created to sign into this account.




The email address you entered does not exist. Sign up to continue.

This error states that the email address entered is not linked to any existing account on dotloop. If you are positive you've entered the correct email address, make sure there is no white-space at the beginning or end of the email address. Sometimes copying and pasting from an address book will solve previously unnoticed spelling errors. Again, be sure to remove any white-space from the pasted email address. 




Clearing cookies and cache

If you are still experiencing a sign in issue, clearing cookies and cache and proper browser maintenance may be the key. Find out more information HERE.



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