Within your My Account section you can manage things in your account, such as adding associations, adding or deactivating profiles, changing your personal information, as well as upgrading to a premium account!


Using This Guide


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Article Sections


Adding an association


Adding an association is simple and will allow you to have access to any association forms that they may have provided. 

  • In the top right hand corner of your page in dotloop you will see your navigation icons. Place your mouse over the icon on the far right. By default this will display as a circle with your initials within. If you have added a profile picture, the icon will be the photo you added.

  • When you place your mouse over the icon, a drop-down menu will appear. From the drop-down menu, select MY ACCOUNT.



On the left, click on the PROFILES tab. Once here, scroll down to the BROKERAGE AND ASSOCIATIONS section. Here you can click on ADD ASSOCIATION.



By default, dotloop will type your state in the search bar. If your association does not show up in the list, delete the state name and type in the name of your association. Next, click on your association and then click on ADD.



Your association may require activation, such as a NRDS ID, or an invitation code. Read the instructions carefully as they will detail the information on how to connect to your association. 


NOTE: If dotloop does not currently have an agreement with your association, the instructions will denote that currently interactive forms are not available.



Once the activation is complete, you will see your association added to your account!




Activating/deactivating profiles


Within your account you may have multiple profiles. These profiles can be deactivated and re-activated at any time from your MY ACCOUNT page. Begin first by clicking on your PROFILES tab. Once clicked, you will see the profiles on your account appear under the PROFILES tab.



When you select a profile you can click DEACTIVATE on the right to hide the profile.



The profiles with greyed out names are the profiles currently deactivated. If you ever need to re-activate these profiles, click on the profile and click on ACTIVATE to the right.





Adding a new profile


If you ever wish to add a new profile to your account, you can do so from the PROFILES tab in your MY ACCOUNT section. On the right side of the screen click on + ADD PROFILE.



You will now be prompted to name your new profile. Once you have done so, click CREATE PROFILE. You will now have a new profile on your account!





Changing your name, email, or password


Within your account you can easily change the name, email, or password from your ACCOUNT SETTINGS page. To access this page, hover over your profile icon and choose MY ACCOUNT from the dropdown.



You will now be in your ACCOUNT SETTINGS page. Here you can change your name by typing into the appropriate box. When you have updated your name, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press Save. Alternatively, you can press enter on your keyboard and that will save the changes as well.



To change your email, type your new email into the section marked EMAIL ADDRESS. Once saved, you will receive an email allowing you to verify the new email and complete the process.



Your password can be changed by clicking the CHANGE PASSWORD link below your profile photo.



You will now be prompted to enter your old password, followed by your new password 2 times. Click SAVE and your new password will be set and active!







Dotloop premium accounts allow you to complete real estate transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible, granting access to all premium tools, features, and services. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Property Group has already upgraded your account to premium on your behalf!


Being a premium member offers great benefits!







The APPS section of your account is where you can manage your integrations. Any currently connected integrations will appear, and can be managed from here. If you have no integrations you can click on the link on this page to view the programs we are currently integrated with.