Creating and setting up your dotloop account is a breeze. If you have received an email from your office, open the email in your inbox inviting you to join your company and/or office in dotloop. Read the body of this email, then click the blue Learn More button. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to create your account. If you do have an account, you will be prompted to sign in, and then asked if you would like set this new office profile as your login default profile. Alternatively, if you are just creating your own account, navigate to and click SIGN UP FOR FREE.


Using This Guide

Scroll down the page in order to review all sections of this tutorial. Or, if you're looking for something specific you can skip to a particular section by clicking on its name. BACK TO TOP links which will bring you back to the top of this page can be found in-between the sections.


Article Sections


Customizing your account

When you are in your dotloop account, navigate to your MY ACCOUNT page, the link to this page is located in the drop down menu displayed when you hover your cursor over the profile icon, the icon furthest to the right at the top of any page in dotloop.




Account settings

On the ACCOUNT SETTINGS page, you have the ability to edit all of your personal information, this includes your e-sign name and e-sign initials (they will auto populate for you when you need to confirm your signatures so you don't need to type them every time you sign). Complete as much of this page as you can, you are able to leave most of the fields blank but we strongly encourage you to set your correct time zone. Setting the correct time zone will ensure your Activity Log is as organized and easy to use as possible. When you are finished, click the SAVE button on the bottom right of this page.





Clicking on the PROFILES option on the left of the page will allow you to manage the profiles on your account. You will first want to verify that your office or company name is displayed under the BROKERAGE AND ASSOCIATIONS section. If you do not see the proper office or company name listed here, make sure you are viewing the correct profile, your profiles are listed to the left on the MY ACCOUNT page. If you are viewing the correct profile, and you do not see your office or company information, ask your administrator to resend your invitation.


While on this page, you may want to add your Association to your profile. Your Association, if in agreement with dotloop, will give you access to interactive templates specific to your Association. These templates will appear as additional folders in your templates, that will be named the name of the Association. Some Associations require a NRDS ID to verify. If you do not know your NRDS ID, you can find more information HERE. Alternatively, if your Association requires an invitation code or another form of verification, we will alert you of this when trying to add the Association so be sure to read the requirements carefully.


Proceed down the PROFILES page, you'll want to fill out as much of your COMPANY information as possible, as this information will auto-fill onto documents for you, when necessary.


Below this, you can choose under which circumstances you will receive email notifications from dotloop. When you've finished with these sections, click the SAVE button at the bottom right of the page.




Document preferences

The DOCUMENT PREFERENCES tab will allow you to set up default settings for your documents. Any time your add a document to a loop and begin setting up the document, they will follow these preferences. 

Note: Templates provided by your brokerage or association will not follow these preferences.





Dotloop premium accounts allow you to complete real estate transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible, granting access to all premium tools, features, and services. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Property Group has already upgraded your account to premium on your behalf!





The APPLICATIONS section of your account is where you can interact with your dotloop integrations. If you do not have any integrations currently, you can click on the link here to get more information on what we offer! Always check back, as the list of integration partners is constantly growing.