The People Section of your dotloop account is a powerful tool that remembers every contact you've added to a loop. It also has the ability to autofill any previously added contact's information to documents within your loop.





An overview of people and contacts


Whenever we add anyone to a loop we will enter their first and last name, their email address typically, and their role. Once you have selected the appropriate role, more information will be presented to fill. dotloop takes this information and uses it to autofill your documents for you, but it also adds this person to your CONTACTS. This is important because any time you add that same individual to a loop in the future, dotloop will predict their information after you key in a few characters of their name or email.


You can always view your contacts by clicking the PEOPLE icon at the top right of any page in dotloop. Once in your CONTACTS, you have the ability to edit their information, by clicking on that person's name, or delete them, by clicking the three vertical dots to the far right of their name.




Add to my team


When adding your different parties involved in the transaction to the loop you will see an Add to my team checkbox in the add person window. Clicking this checkbox will send the individual a team invitation. Team members are individuals who are working with you in this transaction. For example, a co-agent helping you sell the home would be a team member, but typically clients are not team members, and usually the agent on the opposite of the transaction is not a team member either. In dotloop, team members see everything you see, and this aids in the flow of information between you and your partners or admins. Use great caution when utilizing this feature, if the other party accepts your team invitation it is irreversible and they will always be on your team within that particular loop. 






When working on a transaction and you wish to share the contact information of different parties within a loop you can do this by introducing them to one another. In the people section of the loop, click the 3 grey vertical dots that correspond with the person you want to introduce and select INTRODUCE. You will then be prompted to choose who to introduce them to. Select one or more parties to introduce them to and add an accompanying message, if you wish, in the field below. Once finished just click INTRODUCE PERSON at the bottom of the window.  






If you ever wish to remove someone from the loop just click the 3 grey vertical dots, to the right of their name in the people section of the loop, and select REMOVE. Removing someone from the loop will make it so you can no longer share documents with them or send messages in that particular loop. If you have already shared documents or sent messages to the individual you are removing, the loop will still appear on their account.