As you continue to use dotloop, you will likely find that there are files, folders, and loops you no longer need or wish to file away for later. In cases such as this, the ability to archive comes in handy. Loops, as well as documents and folders within loops cannot be deleted, however they can be archived, or hidden, so that if the occasion arises where you need access to these important files, you can always retrieve them. Documents and folders you have created in your templates section of your account can be deleted permanently though, by clicking on the three vertical dots next to the folder or document and choosing DELETE from the menu. 


Using This Guide


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Article Sections


Archiving loops


If there is a loop you no longer need or would like to file away, you can use the loop statuses to archive it. To do this, open the loop and navigate under the loop name. Here you will see the Transaction Type (which must be selected for the Loop Statuses to appear), followed by the Loop Status. As long as there is a Transaction Type selected, ARCHIVED will be an option under loop status.



Click the status and select ARCHIVED from the resulting drop down. At this point the loop will no longer appear on your loops page.




Archiving documents


Use the archive feature to file away a form and have it drop off the screen. To access the feature, you'll need to have the loop open and look to the far right of the document's name. You'll see three vertical dots - click them to get a drop down and select the 'archive' option. This will archive the document, moving it out of your view.



If you wish to archive multiple documents at once we can do so by first checking the boxes to the left of the documents you wish to archive, making sure to not have the folder checked as this will archive the folder and every document within it. Once selected, choose the archive option that has appeared at the top.





Archiving folders


Archiving a folder can be accomplished by clicking on the menu icon to the right. In this drop down menu you will see the option ARCHIVE. Clicking this will archive the entire folder.





Unarchiving loops


To unarchive a loop we must first find the loop. This can be accomplished either by finding the loop in the Activity Log, or by clearing our filters to display our hidden loops.



Once we have found our loop we can open it, and then change the Loop Status to an active loop status.



Lastly, if we have cleared or made changes to our filters we will want to set them back to only display active loop statuses!





Unarchiving documents and folders


If we want to unarchive a loop or folder we need to first display the archived files. To do this, select SHOW ARCHIVED at the top of the documents section.



All of our archived folders and documents will now be displayed, with the archived documents showing in grey text below the rest of the documents. To the right of the document or folder we wish to see, click on the menu to the right and choose UNARCHIVE



When we're done, we can click HIDE ARCHIVED and our documents will now show in the loop!



Things to look out for:

  • When you archive anything, you are only archiving it for yourself and whoever is on your team.  For example, if you archive a document, it will not archive in your client's loop, or another agent's loop, but it will be archived for your admin. 
  • There is no way to delete documents, loops, or folders in dotloop - we keep a running record of everything that's uploaded into your account.  Please keep this in mind.