The people section of your loop is where you will add everyone involved in the transaction. We can at any time add, edit, remove, or introduce one person to another in the loop. We will also go over adding people to your team.


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Add a person


Within a loop we can add anyone to the transaction. Adding a person to a loop does not give them access to anything in the loop, it just simply allows you to have them in the loop for when you're ready to share documents to them, or introduce them to someone else in the loop. We can accomplish adding people to the loop either on the main loop page, or in the VIEW DETAILS section of the loop. Let's first navigate down to the people section of your loop, which is located below the documents.



To add a new person we will click on the ADD PERSON button.



We will now be presented with the Add person window. Here we will want to fill in all the information we can, including the name (as it needs to appear on the signature line), the email address, and the role. We also have the option to send an intro email, which will let them know that you have added them to a loop.



Here is an example of what that into email looks like:



When we select a role, we will be presented with more information to fill out for that specific role. This information will help autofill documents where available! When finished, click the ADD PERSON button at the bottom.



Alternatively, we can add people via the VIEW DETAILS section of the loop.




Adding POA's, business entities, etc

  • When adding in someone who may not fit the role of a typical signer, we might need to approach adding the person differently. The key thing to keep in mind is to add the name of the person as it should appear on the signature line. If the name that needs to appear on the document is different than the name they are signing with, this is okay! We can always manually type in the information on the document. This will allow your client to have a smooth time signing, as their signing name will already be set up for them.




Editing people in a loop


If you have someone in your loop and need to edit their name, email, or any information, this can be done in a breeze! As with adding people, we can edit them as well, either on the main loop page or via the VIEW DETAILS page. To accomplish this on the main loop page, scroll down past your documents to the section labeled People. Here we can either click on the person, which will open up the edit window, or by clicking on the EDIT option in the drop down menu.



To edit a person in a loop via the VIEW DETAILS section, we will navigate to the person and click the EDIT button below their name.



We may run into circumstances however where we cannot edit the name or email of someone in the loop. This will be the case when the person in question has signed up for their own dotloop account. If this is the case, dotloop will display a message in the edit window letting you know to reach out to the person to request them to update their information.



Note: Since we can only add one email for a person, if you wish to use an email address for another person, you will want to edit the name on the person as opposed to removing the person and attempting to add a new name with the same email address.




Add to my team


In some situations we may have a person who will be working on the transaction will us and will need full access to the loop. In this situation, we can add the person to our team. Once this is done, they will receive a notification to accept the invitation in the loop.


Note: when adding someone to our team we must understand they they will have full access to everything in the loop, and that once the invitation is accepted we will no longer be able to share anything to this person, but most importantly, this CANNOT be undone.


While adding someone to a loop we can add them to our team by checking the box labeled Add to my team.



Once we select this option, dotloop will prompt you to ensure you want to add this person to your team.



If the person is already added to the loop, we can add them to the team via the dropdown menu next to their name on the main loop page.



Or via the edit menu.





Introduce people


Within a loop we can introduce one person in our loop to another. Doing this will send a notification to the person, and add them to their side of the loop, giving them access to their name and email address. To accomplish this we will want to scroll down the main loop page to the people and click on the INTRODUCE option to the right of the person you are introducing.



We will now be shown the Introduce to... window, where we can select the name of the person we are introducing them to. We can also type a custom message to introduce the two to each other. Once selected, click the INTRODUCE PERSON button.





Remove people


If you wish to remove a person from the loop, this can be done easily. Removing a person will not change anything on signed documents or on their side of the loop. To accomplish this, we will want to choose the REMOVE option from the drop down menu on the main loop page.



Once selected, dotloop will ask if you are sure you want to delete them from the loop. To continue, press DELETE.